Asari Clam 20/30 (500 g) 花蛤啦啦

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Asari Clam 20/30 (500 g) 

Condition: Cleaned and frozen cooked 
Packing: Vacuum packing
*Size 20/30 is bigger than 30/40 

The Asari Clam, a saltwater clam also known as Manila clam, and Japanese short neck clam. 

Asari Clam is commercially harvested, being the second most important bivalve grown in aquaculture worldwide. It has an elongated shell and shape of an oval, with a white inner shell, but purple on the edges, a distinct characteristic, feature, and signature of an Asari clam. 

Asari clams are typically steamed with scallions and ginger slices sometimes with wolfberries. Asari clams in miso soup are also a common way of serving with suggested ingredients such as enoki mushroom, scallions, and tofu. You may add chili to spice things up ;D

They're also popular among hot pots and steamboats too. 


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