Seaweed Salad Chuka Wakame (500 g) (Halal) 海草

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Seaweed Salad Chuka Wakame

Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) is a species of kelp, greenish sea vegetable native to cold temperate coasts of the northwest Pacific Ocean.
It is prevalent on the rocky coasts of the Sea of Japan though is also found outside of its native range in the Mediterranean off the coast of France and also other parts of Europe: Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

As an edible seaweed like most sea vegetables, it has a briny, salty, with a degree of sweetness, subtly sweet, but distinctive and strong flavor, umami flavor and texture.
Because wakame does come from the sea, it will taste of the sea, or at least evoke those kinds of flavors, but without any fishiness.

Wakame is served with many Japanese dishes, it is a popular option for side dishes , bento, salad, sushi and onigiri. 
It is most often served in soups (miso soup) and salads typically served cold. 
Easy and convenient to use, just need to defrost and put it into your salad or your food.
It is important to store them in the fridge keeping it frozen to retain its freshness and nutritions intact. 

Health and nutrition facts
Seaweed or Wakame is very good for you claimed by nutritionists.
It has the full mineral profile and is very nutritious, super healthy and can be eaten every day.
Eating it regularly may even boost your health and protect you from certain diseases.
It is high in fiber and protein, 45 calories per 100g, potassium, magnesium, iodine and lots of vitamins A and C, and also other minerals which helps especially on human thyroid function (gland in your neck).
Besides all that, wakame also contain powerful antioxidants that slows down aging preserving and maintaining younger looking.
In fact, wakame, a seaweed ubiquitous in Japanese cuisine, is the highest vegetarian source of omega-3s. Wakame has an omega-6-to-omega-3 ratio of about 1 to 18.

The Chuka Wakame (Japanese Seaweed Salad) (500 g) is halal certified.
It comes in 2 forms of packing; the bag and the box.
Unfortunately, we are not able to choose/select the forms of packing as the manufacturer set the packing form depending on the availability of the materials.

Wakame may blend into cooking typically with eggs and flour as seen in the picture. Give it a try, add to cart =)
Packing: 500gm / pack

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