Ebi Tempura (Breaded Shrimp) (10 pcs)

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Ebi (shrimp) is one of the most common ingredients in Japanese cuisine. 
Some enjoyed it fried as tempura, while some may prefer it boiled and served as a piece of nigiri or cut up into small pieces and stuffed into a maki roll.

The ebi tempura (breaded shrimp) would be a great solution for those who are currently out of idea what to cook.

Ebi Fried Curry Rice
Deep fried prawn (ebi tempura) with Japanese curry style on rice (a sushi rice would be a plus) is one great way of having lunch or dinner.

Whether the ebi tempura  a main dish, sideline or snack, it will serve great in any ways.
Crispy and yummy, add to cart =)

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