“Bring The Freshness from the World to your Dining Table.”

That is our company’s motto. We aim to provide the freshest seafood galore to your doorsteps.

Our company established in 1996 and since then we have been operating our seafood supply business for more than 20 years. Over the years, we are very experienced in providing high quality seafood from Sabah, a land which is famous for abundance of fresh seafood. Apart from that, we do provide various seafood from around the globe too. Our customers are able to savour the taste of fresh sea products coming in from Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam etc.

We focused in B2B (Business-to-Business) market in the early days. Over the years, we conduct our businesses between companies, supplying our products to restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, wet markets and etc. We have been doing well in B2B all this time and now and it is a good opportunity to expand our business scope. We have accumulated numerous loyal clients and long-term restaurant partners on our business contact list. The world is our oyster!

In 2020, we decided to increase our business momentum and catching the technology wave in the Internet era. It is a good time for us to venture into B2C (Business-to-Consumer) market. Hence, we proudly present to you our new brand FreshFrozen2u. We want to create a distinctive brand among our consumers so that they are able to enjoy fresh, scrumptious seafood products in affordable prices. More value for money to our customers. Furthermore, now with our convenient online shopping system, our customers are able to order fresh frozen seafood at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Our boss said, “My children and I consume the seafood products from my own company because I truly believe in the quality of my own seafood products.”

We want FreshFrozen2u to be the first name appears on our customers’ mind when it comes to buying seafood, or even the thought of thinking what seafood to cook for dinner, our company’s website is your first choice to browse, checking out the various arrays of wild-catch and fresh farmed of seafood we are offering every day.


Why purchase from FreshFrozen2U?

All of our seafood are required to undergo a strict quality control (QC) process in order to guarantee the freshness of the products.
Our seafood products are frozen at the peak of freshness, which means as soon as they are landed or captured, thus locking in all the flavour and nutrients, as well as preserving the texture.
The freezing process is handled with the highest standard and care in order to provide products with optimum quality and freshness to our customers.
Our seafood products are well stored without any chemicals added during the process.
Our products are totally natural without any preservatives.
Our products are hygienic, healthy, and safe to consume.
We provide a wide selection of seafood products for our customers.


Why choose frozen seafood over fresh seafood?

Many people assumed that fresh seafood means “fresh” in terms of flavour, nutrients and texture.  When the fishermen captured the seafood from the ocean, the moment the seafood died, the level of freshness started to drop even stored in chilled condition. It would be quite some time (several days even) before the seafood reaches to the hands of consumers.

Our frozen seafood are cleaned, vacuum packed and froze to -40 to -45 degree Celsius as soon as possible after the catch or when they are landed (depends on type and origin) using the latest freezing technology. The rapid process applied will ensure that the meat texture and the flavour are fully sealed in. This process minimizing the absorption of water and flesh damage so when the seafood is cooked, it is absolutely fresh to taste.

Another obvious advantage of frozen seafood is that it has longer storage life than fresh seafood.  Usually, fresh (chilled) seafood only can be stored up to six days for best condition. You have the advantage of not have to cook the frozen seafood immediately if you have a busy schedule. You will not have to worry about the freshness and the quality of frozen seafood in your refrigerator even after a week or two. Most importantly, you can cook frozen seafood at a later date as long as it is within the storage time stated.


Core Value

We want everyone able to enjoy fresh, quality seafood at reasonable prices.


Our Promise

We are fully committed to provide our partners with quality service, reliable and cost-effective products.