Norway Saba Mackerel Fillet (Brined) (2 pcs) 一日鲜挪威鲭鱼片

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Mackerel fish is famous and well known for its strong-flavoring fishy taste. Yet, affordable and that is still plentiful.

Mackerel are very nutritious with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which improve endurance and aid recovery after exercise, while helping to maintain beautiful skin.

Methodology on mackerel fish ('Saba' in Japanese): 

Danish style    - rye bread with smoked pepper mackerel
Japanese style    - mackerel salt grilling (saba shioyaki)
Korean style    - godeungeo jorim made with mackerel, radish and seasonings
My signature    - oatmeal-crusted mackerel fillet with potatoes
Spanish style    - roasted horse-mackerel with fried garlic and pepper    
Swedish style    - grilled mackerel with dill butter

Can ya guess which picture matches the description? Good Luck ;D

Quite the same or similar and identical to ( except this is 'brined' and 2 pieces in quantity per pack.

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