Dory Fish Fillet (2 pcs) (700g+-)

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Dory is a member of fish families typically large-eyed, silvery, deep-bodied, laterally compressed, and roughly discoid marine fish. 

Dories are mostly deep-sea and demersal (Meaning they like living close to the seabed or seafloor).

Dories are considered excellent seafood. 

Dory fillet is a fine juicy meat typically white in color with firm, flaky texture and has a magnificent taste, mild and slightly sweet flavored.  

Choice of preparation includes:
    1. Coating, breading, frying.
    2. Seasoning, flouring, frying.
    3. Carbonara sauce.
    4. Garlic butter sauce.
    5. Steaming with soy sauce.
    6. Your creativity. Try it =)

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