Bay Scallop Meat M (250g +-) 带子肉

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Never tried the scallop before?
Scallop is a very tasty seafood (tender texture and a sweet taste), luxurious, indulgent, and cooked in minutes with very little effort.
There are many species of scallops and they're divided into 2 main categories; the bay scallops and the sea scallops.

As you might guess from their name, the sea scallop is harvested from deep, cold sea waters year-round.
Sea scallops are usually harvested through trawling boats using chains and nets.
They can also be hand-harvested through diving which cause less damage to the sea scallops, but comes with a higher price tag.
The edible portion of sea scallops is typically 2 inches in diameter, about 3 times larger than bay scallops. 
Senior chefs suggest that sea scallops shall be cooked longer compared to bay scallops. 

Bay scallops are typically found in the shallow waters of bays and estuaries as their name suggests.
Bay scallops are relatively small compared to sea scallops which are usually 3 times larger. 
While their shell size can be up to 3 inches in diameter, the adductor muscle (the edible portion) is only half-inch wide on average. 
This product is the bay scallop (meat only without shell) and the weight of a pack is 250 g typically around 30-40 pieces.

Bay scallop meat is more chewy (more resistance to cuts and bite) while sea scallop meat is more tender (easier to cut and bite) though both are still very enjoyable with incredible flavor.
Methods and ways of preparing scallops include sautéed, grilled, or poached.

Ways to serve bay scallop meat:
(1) Simply garlic butter (with some parsley).
(2) Cooked lightly with garlic butter, squeeze some lemon on it and serving it with a toast bread (Perfect breakfast on holiday).
(3) Serve it with spaghetti and the creamy carbonara sauce.
(4) Honey garlic butter bay scallop meat on rice with broccoli and sesame seed dressing.
(5) Lemon butter sauteed bay scallop meat with parsley.
(6) Seared bay scallop meat in garlic lemon butter sauce.
(7) Your creativity, try it ;D

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