Fish Salmon Head Half (200 g) 三文鱼头(半切)

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Fish Salmon Head Half (200 g) 三文鱼头(半切)
Weight range: 200 gm+-

Proposed and suggested method of preparation and ingredients to blend with.
*Salmon fish head can be fried or grilled, but mostly used to make soup, curry or miso.
*Fish head noodle soup with fried salmon fish head 三文鱼头米.
(Signature dish of Cheras Restaurant Tenho, Ding Hao Fishball Seafood Noodle House at Jalan Cerdas 1) 
*Claypot soup style typically with mushrooms, cabbage, white radish (Daikon), carrots, and tofu (bean curd).
*Soup with bitter gourd (bitter melon) as main ingredient mix with carrot, celery, ginger, onion, parsley, scallions (spring onion), and shallot.
*Miso soup or sweet and sour style usually with eggplant, green beans, green chili to spice things up, onion, tomato, and white radish (Daikon).
*Korean spicy salmon fish head with kimchi vegetables, chili, black pepper, enoki mushrooms, and shilgochu (Korean chili threads / shredded red pepper). 
*Try adding salted vegetables, pickled mustard greens (Haam Choy), pickled mustard root.
*Try adding wolfberries (Goji).
*Try adding seasoning soup powder 'Fish Extract Pati Ikan Hai Bao Bei (500 g) (Halal)', item in category 'Sauces & Dressings'.
*Your creativity.

Surprise your loved ones by preparing a dish of salmon fish head ;D

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