Fish Halibut Portion Cut (500 g) 比目鱼片(厚切)

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Halibut is the largest flatfish in the ocean, and can grow up to an astonishing nine feet long. It has low oil content than cod fish so be careful when grilling or it will dry out, burn and/or stick to the grill. This lean fish (Halibut) has a mild, sweet tasting white flesh. Its meat tastes subtly sweet, and will melt in your mouth if cooked right.


Description:Simple flavorings from the best traditional ingredients can be remarkable. Japanese Shio Koji is an old traditional rice yeast made under tenacious care and detail, offering unique oriental flavors. Rice yeast contains healthy enzymes that softens the fish meat to enhance texture and flavor. Rice yeast ripens top-quality Greenland Halibut, releasing the seafood flavors, giving you luscious taste and tender texture. Try some and experience the unforgettable.


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