Fingernail Clam 指甲蚌 (16-20 pcs)

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Fingernail Clam

Origin: East Asia & South East Asia
Quantity: 16-20 pcs
Weight: 1kg+-
Packing: Come with full shell and box packing

Fingernail Clam is also known as “Siput Pisau Lipat", because of it its resemblance to human nails, it is named Fingernail Clam. 

The outer part shell is brittle and thin, in the shape of a long flat, and square, and there is an oblique groove from the top of the shell. 

The inner part is chewy edible meat that is abundant, tasty, and healthful.

It contains high protein and low-fat value and has the effect of promoting appetite, making it suitable for the nutritional needs of all ages. Furthermore, it is a good source of various mineral elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc which are necessary for the human body's metabolism. 

Suitable with various cooking methods such as steamed, sautéed, and grilled. 

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