Fish Steak Wild Grouper Coral Trout (700 g)

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Frozen Coral Trout 
Packing: 4pcs +-/pack
Individual vacuum pack, comes with half tail part. (without head)

Fish in the wild eat a natural diet and have lower fats than cultured or farm-raised. 

Farmed or cultured fish can be higher in omega-3 fatty acids due to fortified feed. 

Wild fish have a more diverse diet than cultured or farm-raised, 
which gives them a better flavor (deeper fishy taste), higher flakiness, leaner meat (less fat)
because wild fish are constantly moving and trying to find food which in turn trained their muscle. 

Less fat in meat also means it's healthier.

How to prepare?
Steaming is the best way to find out its original taste or flavor.


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